Three powerful beliefs of a mentally strong Entrepreneur!

Three powerful beliefs of a mentally strong Entrepreneur
Three powerful beliefs of a mentally strong Entrepreneur!


The Startup Mojo is a community which unveils the learning of the startup world to empower the budding entrepreneurs. We sincerely intend to build a network for entrepreneurs, thereby helping them to cross leverage their skills and resources to overcome their early challenges.

Do you dream to see yourself as a hardworking entrepreneur and orchestrating different verticals of your own startup or feel satisfied and fulfilled while imagining these moments? Thumbs up! You are bitten by the Entrepreneur bug and anything else you achieve would not be able to bring in this sense of fulfilment in you, as Entrepreneurship does.

Just in time, if you are experiencing this feeling, kindly follow the below list of basic principles to be in sync with the natural laws of gaining success with your first Startup

1. Complete Clarity on why would you like to do a Start up?Tweet this

Once the Entrepreneur bug has bitten you, find out the purpose why you intend to become and Entrepreneur? Ensure that you are trying to come close to the dark spot of the source which is driving you to become an Entrepreneur. Look forward to achieve complete clarity about – “Why you should begin to Startup?  Till the time you do not achieve the clarity, Do Not Start Up!  As you would always perform better and unambiguously once you are clear in your mind and soul about the reason why you should start as an Entrepreneur?

Majority of the time founders realise a little late and all they have done was primarily a regress of their strong desire to become wealthy and successful.

The prime purpose of an Entrepreneur shall always be to overcome the “failure of opportunities” in the society he lives.

When you start digging deeper and start finding solutions to this question, to your surprise, the final answer you allude to would be “Eradicating “Failure of Opportunities” in the society and building a better world for all of us.

2. Money is the not the destination but the natural outcome of your journey.Tweet this

As a founder in your imagination. You would always have a strong affinity towards money in any form or state, but as founder of your upcoming successful startup you would have to start believing that money is a commodity to bring in more wheels to grow and serve, and not an outcome of your efforts or growth!

When you bring in this clarity you would seek better solutions for you startup and take decisions which are service driven. With such intent you can contribute majorly in bringing more of a service oriented culture for your organisation and team. Also decisions which are balanced and not heavily profit oriented will help you to shape your product better.

3. You are over convinced with the idea you conceived.

Remember your idea shouldn’t be just be a belief or a replication of some successful ideas. Any idea is the manifestation of the founder’s strong feeling backed by logics which are both statistical and abstract in nature. Draw, imagine, counter question and research till you are honestly satisfied about the fact that this idea has the potential to solve the long existing problem of the target user. Your journey shall be much easier within and outside you, if you are truly are convinced with your idea.

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