Why your Co-Founder is your second better half?

Why your Co-Founder is your second better half
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With your organisation gaining pace, you would spend equal to or in most cases more time with your Co-Founder than your better half.  Partnerships are like marriages and you have to be quite careful before you commit.

All of us have been managing some or the other relationships in our lives. Majority of times we tend to start relationships with great passion and enthusiasm and then gradually descend in keeping up the commitments, promises and warmth in the relationship. It is extremely easy to like and select someone for a relationship but the hardest is to maintain it!  When you start an organisation with your Co-Founder, you are going to get into a relationship that would decide your Startups’ future. And this time if the commitments, promises and warmth are not maintained then you may just not lose a friend but your Startup!

  • What all to look in your Co-Founder?

It may sound a bit unusual but then in getting the right Co-Founder for your Startup, you are going to build relationship with people basis their abilities to drive growth in your Startup. Your criteria should never be your friendliness with your Co-Founder else you may end up doing friendship, and not Business!

It’s better that your Co-Founder specialises in something you lack! Tweet Now!

Startups are not Corporate.  When you have smaller team, as Founder you have to ensure that each resource is adding significant value to the Startup. When you bring in a partner who specialises with the same traits, your organisation would have two people looking upon things with their perspective and may do the same thing differently, which will involve more conflicts and would consume more time.

You should look for someone who believes in the same Idea and has Entrepreneurial bent of mind!

How do you understand Entrepreneurial bent of mind? It’s somebody loves to drive tasks on his own, take risks, looks always at a bigger picture and above all, believes in doing things his own way. Your Co-Founder has to have the Entrepreneurial bent of mind. Throughout your journey in the Startup you would have to seek help and at times will be completely dependent on your Co-Founder. He is going to equally contribute to the growth and has to be an Entrepreneur like you!

Next piece is your Idea. Your Business Idea shall be supreme of all the causes. It should bring in more affinity than anything else especially as Co-Founders both of you co-own the responsibilities and pledge to take the idea to the next fold.

Ethics, Integrity and Honesty are tickets to Entry!

Every strong foundation is laid on certain value system and the promoters are going to be the key source of upholding values such as Ethics, Integrity and Honesty to the tee. Hence your Co-Founder necessarily should have these basic values in place.

Opposite temperaments are better fit!Tweet Now!

In tough times and failing weeks if you are short tempered and are a little emotionally driven, chances are that you will end up losing a bit control, over things. If your founder is of the opposite temperament then chances are that he or she will react appropriately to the situation. Hence opposite temperaments are better fit.

 Should be genuinely virtuous and you carry a sense of respect for him/her!

At times you would compare your skill-sets and competencies or try and draw parallels to seek supremacy in things you do! This is killing among the Co- Founders. When you start practising such relative comparisons you end up destroying the relationship. The best way to keep control on such feelings is to select the right person in the first place that you genuinely respect and value him for his skills and abilities. You both should complement each other’s talents and skills.

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