Who better than an Entrepreneur knows what it takes to be a Valentine?

Who better than an Entrepreneur knows what it takes to be a Valentine
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Love and Relationships takes a while to mature and are nurtured with tough times to develop a bond that lasts for long. Each time we discuss about Love and Relationships we visualize the happier moments, funny things and feel happy to have cherished and lived those moments. But what we fail to understand is, that funnier and happy moments help you to think and feel good about your relationship but what bonds you and your partner well, are the tough times and erratic boulders which you dealt with, in the past.

An Entrepreneur understands the essence of Love, Relationships and Passion. He knows exactly what it takes to build them as he had experienced people and relationships since the beginning of his Entrepreneurial Career.

Managing Startups and Relationships needs similar Skillsets.

We have heard it many times “Partnerships are like marriages and you have to be quite careful before you commit.” When a Co-Founder is chosen, it’s a decision that can make or break your Startup, just like choosing your life Partner. When you start an organisation with your Co-Founder, you are going to get into a relationship that would decide your Startups’ future. And this time if the commitments, promises and warmth are not maintained then you may just not lose a friend but your own Startup!

Majority of times we tend to start relationships with great passion and enthusiasm and then gradually descend in keeping up the commitments, promises and warmth in the relationship. It is extremely easy to like and select someone for a relationship but the hardest is to maintain it!  An Entrepreneurial journey helps you to understand and comply with the skills of keeping up your commitments, sharing with your partner and caring for your team & people associated with your organisation. Read Why your Co-Founder is your second better half?

People are your biggest Asset! This rule applies in Relationships too.

Many Startups which fail miserably during their journey fail to Value People. Your Team is inherent part for every minor and major success that you or for that matter your Startup achieves. The Power of Valuing People has immense strength and this has to be excelled in person if you are a Founder or an Entrepreneur. Till the time you are not a good People Manager you will never be able to draw passion out of people.  Hence without valuing people, sustainability will be impossible. All great companies are build on its People, and not Machines and Resources which they deploy to make them productive.

Relationships have also similar nuances and to build a strong one you cannot miss on this interpersonal quality of valuing people, else your relationship will never last longer. Tweet This

Relationship is Just Not about being loved, but envisages much wider horizon and I bet only an Entrepreneur realize this better than anyone else

You may have different reasons and whims to have ventured into Entrepreneurship but the Purpose of Being an Entrepreneur is only one which is “to overcome the “failure of opportunities” in the society he lives”. This concept is built not on the “Power of Giving” which is much greater from all aspects of receiving love and affection. An Entrepreneur understands the real meaning of what lies at the bottom of the essence of Life. Whatever you do, either you love a living being or raise your Startup, you receive Success and Love by giving away love and Learnings to respondents and not by assuming or expecting to gain from them!

Our Belief !

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