What to conceive during the darkest phase of Entrepreneurship?

What to conceive during the darkest phase of Entrepreneurship

We often generalise our view points and then try to visualise at the macro level. This habit of generalising is what makes us overlook the actual state of the dark side of Entrepreneurship. Often with an unprepared state of mind we jump into Entrepreneurship and then later we are unable to withstand the harsh realities, and in most of the cases we leave and go back to where they came from.

Your mind is driven by the thoughts and beliefs you conceive and then followed by research. What is essential is, to pursue all sorts of disconnects during the Stage of Conceiving Entrepreneurship. The best way is to shadow with an Entrepreneur (who has succeeded in his mission) and then read more of journals, books, articles that help you to instil more evidences and proofs for your faith in the Ideology to get established.

If you have had prepared well during the early stages of Entrepreneurship chances are that you will be able to survive the brunt of the darkest phases your Entrepreneurship. Tweet This

Just like Success, Entrepreneurship is extremely personal!

People generally draw parallel of success to be big, bold and beautiful. The wealthier the person gets the more successful he or she is. But this is not always the truth! People who have reached the acme of their career still feel deprived of certain attributes which they seek in someone else. Money and Power are synonyms of success only till you want to achieve for others! So to be successful in life start pursuing your personal goals and not money & power as they are ancillary to success and not otherwise.

Just like Success, Entrepreneurship is also personal and every  individual who pursue Entrepreneurship have to pursue it with a state of mind that doesn’t take into account what other people would talk of you or your career. During the darkest times ensure that you are able to seek personal strength from relevant readings, researches, past experiences and mentors. If you listen to what people suggest they shall keep apposing you of your Entrepreneurial Spirit and will try to drive you back to the limited and closed box thinking of a common man which is influenced majorly by the security aspect of life.

Frugality is the mother of a successful Startup!

Frugality is a virtue that brings great learning and innovation in whatever you do. The currency of Startups is never money, its Entrepreneurial passion and spirit. Money is the resource; if you don’t spend it wisely you will end up delaying the process of achieving the first success of your Startup which is “Unlocking the Organic”. Unlocking the organic is the stage when you have started getting the Virality of your product by Electronic Word of Mouth.

Success is unreal without Failure

Keep failing fast to get closer to success. Failing is bound to happen as you just cannot survive without it. The process of failing is never ugly until you learn from it and utilise that failure as a stepping stone towards your goal. Keep moving but ensure that you are travelling with the learnings of  your past experiences. People do display their passion or spirit but what they fail to do is “Learn from their past mistakes”.

The best way is to bring these learning into writing and keep consolidating the same each time you are apprised with such learning from the mistakes in your real life. Tweet This

What you do after success or failure is more important that Success or Failure itself!

Whatever the situation may be, you would have to keep moving fast and better each time until and after you have achieved success. Your goals are just the milestones that keep you motivated to move faster and better. Halting at a failure or even at success is never going to last. What is going to last is your passion to move each time you are hit.

Fall Seven Times, Standup Eight!

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