Top three virtues of a successful Entrepreneur: Simplicity, Frugality and Wisdom

Top three virtues of a successful Entrepreneur Simplicity, Frugality and Wisdom.
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At times when we seek insights about the personality traits from successful Entrepreneurs, all of them sound similar. Do you know why? Because the answer is common and all of them while running their businesses have realised the power of the Trio: Simplicity, Frugality and Wisdom.

1.Simplicity: What is Simplicity? And why is it important?
Most of us attribute Simplicity with the way we dress, speak or keep things. Simplicity is within the minds of people and it’s a state of mind that brings such changes which is perceived by the outer world as stated. It’s all about cutting the clutter to seek a clearer, better and simpler way to act!
When a professional realises the dogmas of the corporate world which promotes complexity, superiority in the way one dresses, speaks or keep things, he tries to avoid getting into it for two primary reasons. Firstly, he/she look forward to keep away all sources of distraction and digression which is not aligned their goals of life. Secondly, most of these habits involve a lot of time and a real Entrepreneur is ruthless when it comes to Time Management.
You may have noticed people like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg wearing the same colour of clothes, driving inexpensive cars and living in a normal house. The reason is they want to have Simplicity in their professional and personal lives!

2. Frugality: Frugality is rewarding and keeps you motivated!
Money and Skills are not directly proportional to each other ever! People who like to earn more in their jobs are less motivated with the cause of performing that job. Why is then money so important for Startups and being an Entrepreneur why one has to be frugal about it? Well the answer is very simple; Organisation’s growth and Money are directly proportional to each other. For an Entrepreneur their organisation’s growth and sustainability is one of their core objectives and the more they save the better they shall be ready for the future.

Frugality is a habit and if you don’t execute frugality to everything you do, chances are that you may start losing upon it! Tweet Now!

Most of the times when we bring something to habit, its only through rigorous practice and consolidation. If you miss once, chances are that you would miss again! And then the habit formed is is not consistent. So the more you practice the wiser in Frugality you would become.

With Frugality you also get right people to perform the tasks. People who are not so motivated to earn but to learn and give are the people who bring in super quality work! So continue spading the art of frugality and keep getting rewarded!

3.Wisdom: Wisdom is personal, just like Success!
Wisdom is your persistent efforts turning into a Guide! Your guide to wisdom may have same chapters like others with different content. You are unique and so does your professional traits. Each one of us has different trigger points for attaining wisdom through our experiential learning.

To ensure that wisdom is utilised to its fullest keep documenting and consolidating the wisdom you have learned in whichever manner you would want to. Keep yourself alert and prompt to utilise wisdom by not repeating a mistake.

Remember Wisdom is only valuable if it’s applied appropriately. A mistake is never a problem but its repeat is! Tweet Now!

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