Some personal fixes around Money & Entrepreneurship before you start your Entrepreneurial Journey!

Some personal fixes around Money & Entrepreneurship before you start your Entrepreneurial Journey!4

As the metamorphosis happens from the stages of Thinker to a Doer, one of the questions which determine and directs the major part of the Entrepreneurial journey is, why are we pursuing Entrepreneurship? The primary reason for being an Entrepreneur is always to become successful. But the crux lies in understanding what dimensions within success are we talking about? Is that something related to the materialistic world which is money, power, fame Or we are talking of non- physical dimensions of Satisfaction, Achievements, Passion etc.

This question is extremely important and as an Entrepreneur you would have to factor it to the minutest of the details so that, it forms a belief system which can always be referred in Decision Making, in your Entrepreneurial Journey. Some of us may call a spiritual understanding but pragmatically we are talking of one of the sources which is going to direct and hone all the energies within you in your Entrepreneurial Journey!  Here are the list of 3 Questions which you can answer to have better clarity on the primary question i.e why are we pursuing Entrepreneurship?

  • One thing which bothers you from in your outer world, which you would like to resolve?
  • Is money a commodity or a result of your successful career?
  • While you strive to be wealthy, are you contributing to the world in a negative way?

The entire world is moving in a direction which is going to bring more misery if money is perceived as a success parameter. In your journey as Entrepreneur, you shall be impacting more lives; hence it is important that you set right set of beliefs to make sure you build something that’s sustainable and brings happiness to people lives, and not misery!

Don’t set your personal greed into your goal!

One of the biggest mistakes that we do as an Entrepreneur is we try to achieve what our parents or for that matter we as an individual were unable to. Such as a big house, some cars, a respectable bank balance and a Fulfilling Life. Please stop here, and understand what we are seeking in all the above aspiration is nothing but Money! And the super mistake that we are doing is making essentially a commodity to be a contributing factor in our Fulfilling Lives.

Some personal fixes around Money & Entrepreneurship before you start your Entrepreneurial Journey! 2

Some personal fixes around Money & Entrepreneurship before you start your Entrepreneurial Journey! 2

Money can never be a currency for an Entrepreneur, and if it is you are more likely to get hit by these two circumstances, and this is for sure!

1. You may have a super Stressful, Unwilling and a career which is full of miseries.

2. Chances are that after achieving handful of money your aspiration shall die as your personal goals stands achieved.

In other words you are killing the possibility of grooming and evolving into successful business owner by setting inappropriate goals. Tweet This

Never visualize yourself as a Leader leaning in an armed leather chair and signing cheques!

By this part of the article I am sure you must have realised that what I am saying is nothing but Truth! You are building something which is an accumulation of your mind and your mind completely revolves around money. This is the problem and if you fix this, chances are that your initial journey to reach to sustainable level in the Entrepreneurship can be reached much early.

 Some personal fixes around Money & Entrepreneurship before you start your Entrepreneurial Journey

Some personal fixes around Money & Entrepreneurship before you start your Entrepreneurial Journey

Money is important for your Organisational success as your equation to build something scalable with more resources and better infrastructure can be achieved through money. However your personal needs such as decent and hygienic house, decent car with apt security features and a rewarding life can be fulfilled with Less Money as a commodity and abundance of Learnings, Love from your beloveds, personal achievements and satisfaction from your deeds. Your personal greed should be built with the Elements of Non- Physical dimensions such as passion, achievements, satisfaction but never with Money! Tweet This


Before you start your journey as a Doer fix some incorrect beliefs with your Eye of Experience else you will have to start all over again!

Unfortunately with some bozzos who are able to get some money, are trying to push money as a source of a fulfilling life. This is seeping as a belief in the new age Entrepreneurs which is causing them to build low quality products which furnishes quick cash but doesn’t build a value proposition which is unique and rewarding to user. Hence it is important that you vett your belief systems before you start, else you will have to start all over again.

Your belief has huge reflection in your product!

What you believe translates exactly in your product. Let’s understand this crucial point basis some examples. You have believed that money is the main source of designing a good product. You as an Entrepreneur will try to build a Business plan for your virtually big Startup, and try to lure investors with some great revenue figures arising out of your Business Plan. You will always believe that if you have the money power you will be able to win with your product. Slowly and gradually the money belief will surpass the product utility, value creation and rewards to the users, while the grandeur and flash of money will start driving the product roadmap. Your consumers will come to you only for discounts & offers ,and gradually you will have one value proposition which is nothing but Discounts over your competition.



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