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Modi visit to the US : Whats in it for Startups

Modi visit to the US How their laughter translates to Business

Right from the big VC houses to leading Incubators, one of the leading nations which invented the wheel of Start-up, the US will now have more inroads to the Indian Startup Ecosystem as an outcome to the visit of Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

The Mecca of Startups viz Silicon Valley and its leadership are looking to embark this opportunity to ignite a new spark of further investing in India Startups and raising the million ones to billion dollar babies

Modi met the top CEO’s in the US

Some of the leading CEO’s which are supposed to be the think tank of leading IT and IT based behemoths of the globe, met and promised Narendra Modi to further look into investment opportunities in India. This would ideally mean that India will soon see a corpus funds floating by these companies with a two-prong strategy viz. encapsulating and discovering innovation in product or business through Startups as well successful exits leading to some monetary gains, while the latter remains less applicable.

How does the Indian Founders Community see this visit

The Indian Startup Community see this as a great opportunity resulting to movement of people, subsidiaries of companies and investments of syndicates and VC’s from Silicon Valley in Indian startups.

In one of the interviews to the ET – Manu Rekhi, Director of Inventus Capital Partners said “What exists now is a wooden innovation bridge. What the government can do is to convert this wooden bridge into a six-lane steel bridge.”

As an estimate one of the fast fuel to rocket the growth of Startups in India is Angel Funding and if the policies and procedure took a win-win shape, it could lead a downpour of nearly $12 billion of Angel Funding in the Country which shall clear the drought which Indian Startups face till they are able to achieve their Minimum viable product.

Bengaluru and Gurugram stands out to be the first-hand beneficiary

Some of the leading VC’s offices are spread into these two regions and their funding then percolate down to the rest of the Startup cities of India. The scenario is going to expand further and we will soon see the tie ups with Indian VC community to launch corpus funds together for better results and ROI. Some of the leading VC house includes Sequoia, Accel Partner, Prime Ventures etc.

Venktesh Shukla, president of TiE Silicon Valley says. “People from Silicon Valley who have a passion for India are different from those interested in other countries,”

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1 Comment

  1. Chitrartha Angel funding is what India needs now

      Reply27 Jun, 2017 8:26 AM

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