Five Mistakes that you must do in your first Startup!


A Startup is your personal MBA with a curriculum that teaches pragmatic teachings and principles of your business life. In the life of an Entrepreneur, his first Startup is going to be a journey which shall remain as a live book to refer, for all his life. Hence whether you succeed or fail, make sure that you attempt these mistakes to be able to learn lessons for your professional life. 

1.Push yourself to the limits to attain your first success. Tweet This

We have been asked to perform so structured that at times we are unable to see the potential that lies within us. In a job that has a fixed timing and performance that’s measured we sometimes are unaware of the potential we carry. These boundaries don’t exist in the Startups! So explore your strength and try to benchmark your potential to perform beyond the limits this time. Once you experience it, you will always see other issues in your professional lives as trivial against your professional abilities.

2.Cross the limits of Generosity and consider your Employees as Family!

Money, Time and Help are supposed to be very uncommon affairs in the society we have been raised.  However in the clan of millennial you might experience that what matters more is how you treat them! Your friends would not think twice to put money to raise and help your Startup to launch. Your employees will shed extra hours and work shoulder to shoulder to build a great product. With so many brains and brawns you feel ignited to perform and smaller issues like lack of resources, infrastructure would not at all be, a point of digression from your goal.

3.Trust your partner and your destiny!

Once you are sorted within about taking the idea to the next level. Go ahead and trust your important stakeholders of your business. You have to be positive, and with all possible efforts to make things happen, you would also have to trust the supreme power and the almighty in your journey as an Entrepreneur. You would have to promote comradery within you two to ensure that in the days of failure as well as success you are united to perform, and in the interest of the Organisation.

4.Be vocal about your journey and don’t hide anything from anyone!

Life is way ahead than our social notions and taboo we live in. People would tell you are you to don’t disclose what you are doing as other would have ill feelings about you and your success and they will bring bad luck to your work. Remember that the first reason why you started because you don’t work or think the way which is not acceptable to you in your reasons and belief. An entrepreneur is free from any such notions and continues to work as a free soul which has one supreme principle to adhere, which is “Work is worship”

5.Start saying NO to things you are clear about! Tweet This

You may sound a bit unusual but then if you say “NO” politely and firmly then your message is conveyed across. People may turn up to you and look astounded with your answer but later would appreciate as it would surely have saved their time and efforts.

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