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5 Things to notice from the new paytm app

5 Things to notice from the new paytm app


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One of the leading digital wallet and payments bank Startup Paytm has revamped its app. Here are 5 things to look out for in the new app!

  • User Experience and Personalisation: Now the app shows the tab of recent payments along with the notification bell and the search bar right at the top. This is to ensure that the user is able to experience the app better and can search for relevant information right in the beginning. Also by clicking on the profile icon he can see his transaction history and other personalised information.
5 Things to notice from the new paytm app

5 Things to notice from the new paytm app

  • No More Drop Downs or Sliders: Have you witnessed that alomost everything on the earlier app was either carried by a slider or a drop down. However now Paytm app opens different screens as well as as sliders are minimised, thus increasing the length of the page.
  • Finally the Profile section is easy to navigate: The profile section had drop down and you would have to discover your orders by going into that. The same is simplified along with the bar code appearing right at the front of it.

    5 Things to notice from the new paytm app

    5 Things to notice from the new paytm app

  • Passbook is right at the top: Passbook which seems to be the only resort to transfer, see order status etc. is placed at the top ensuring the user is able to visit the same at ease.
  • New feature Paytm Messenger: Now you can send or receive instant money from your friends at the ease of the chat and you can recall and delete your messages too. This feature is more targeted to complete the list of features rather than lead the product roadmap. The feature seems to be very slow and takes a lifetime to work though.

This is a good attempt to better the user experience, the app now looks nuch neat and less clutter. Speaking on the development, Kiran Vasireddy, COO of Paytm said, “We are very excited to introduce the new revamped interface on Paytm App. In continuation of our constant effort to provide our customers with the best user experience, the new design is refreshing and has upgraded to some of the most important flows including Money Transfers. Our offline payments have also scaled as we pioneered Paytm QR, enabling merchants to accept payments directly into their bank accounts. This year, we are aiming for an exponential growth in money transfer transactions by transforming payments done in the unorganised sector.”

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