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Vishal Sikka resignation decoded: It speaks volume of what is going in the IT Corporate World

Vishal Sikka resignation decoded


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One of the torch bearer leadership of IT Industry in India Vishal Sikka resignation came as a Tsunami in the IT world much before any of them have even started their day. What was even more disturbing was the reasons which he made public, attributing to the pressure of performance and continuous deviation leading to instability in the IT corporate world.

The Bug stops at the Leader and not the Team

“Over the last few days, since our earlier call, I’ve met Sesh several times, talked to you individually at length, and spent time thinking things thru with Vandana. During this time, one of our employees, Sandeep Karamongikar, died in his sleep, likely of a massive heart attack. He was working on the chatbot frontend in Nia. “

Vishal had been witnessing a huge cultural defect where in majority of the company’s talent is not guided to work cohesively in delivering values but wanting leaders to be running magic wand leading to pile of stress being accumulated on the leader’s head of performing extra terrestrially. What was more worrisome was that the board was still not been able to clearly see through, that such stress is not just impacting people but is claiming their lives as well!

What is Charlottesville incident and what Vishal Sikka meant by it?

And the Charlottesville incident here in the US demonstrated once again the power of words and silences to cause real damage, or to heal. After much reflection, I have concluded that it is indeed time for me to leave my current positions as MD and CEO, and I have communicated my resignation to Sesh. “

Charlottesville is a town in 256 kilometres from Virginia. Recently a public furore surfaced against two groups viz Indian Americans and White Supremacies fought fiercely, claiming a life of a woman. This incident may not be crucial with the casualty it brought, but it goes much deep and wide emphasising the public anger and hatred against each other, which in a society like US is a clear indication that Fundamentally something is wrong and if not fixed on time, no matter how education and well-equipped society it is, it is still vulnerable to a self-instigated disasters!

With the incident gaining pace the US President Donald Trump remained neutral and didn’t come up with a clear stand over this incident. This is a clear indication that negative forces are growing into manifolds and eventually leaders are unable to bow down because of the vested interest leading to a culture that is self destructive.

Vishal had clearly stated that the silence of the leaders in the board clearly meant that no body is looking to take the plunge and for a positive change work on gaps and culture, to create an environment which brings cohesive workforce guided by purpose to serve clients rather than waiting and blaming leaders to be incapable of bringing in the positive change which is sought, and all this happens at an individual level.

What works with the majority, soon becomes the culture and common code of conduct

“Despite this, the attacks continue, and worse still, amplified by the very people from whom we all expected the most steadfast support in this great transformation. This continuous drumbeat of distractions and negativity over the last several months/quarters, inhibits our ability to make positive change and stay focused on value creation. Addressing the noise by itself is damaging; hundreds of hours of my own time has gone into this recently. But the structural challenges this engenders within

Recently Infosys and its leadership have faced numerous enquires instigated by fellow leaders. The company has been facing the challenges not because of the culture but it is because of the majority of the management talent is like to pull the ones who lead and are superior to them either by position or by virtue. And after all, culture is nothing but a code of conduct that is approved by the majority of the population.

Such changes are only going to happen if there the leadership is determined to take a plunge and work to bring in fresh blood in the system and building things structurally and picking up problems to solve and not people.

His resignation is an eye opener of what are we creating in the name of business and revenue. The purpose is to bring-in more values and wellbeing however it seems that we might have had started with the same cause but are deviated with the idea of self well being.

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