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The negotiation continues. Snapdeal wants $900 million and Flipkart offers $750 million

The negotiation continues. Snapdeal wants $900 million and Flipkart offers $750 million
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One of the leading Ecommerce player Flipkart is leaving no ground to ensure that it doesn’t leave no ground for negotiation. Snapdeal is looking forward to be sold at a price which is $150 million greater than what Flipkart offered for acquisition.

In a recent update Flipkart offered $750 million for the acquisition while Snapdeal is demanding $900 million. Snapdeal on the other hand as plan B is looking to sell its digital wallet arm Freecharge to Axis bank in order to get survival funds.

Flipkart pegged the amount of $750 million after a due diligence of eight weeks and parallelly several small investors are looking to safeguard their interest in this grand merger. As per “Snapdeal board is yet to receive approval from other minority stakeholders including Azim Premji and Ratan Tata. Also, other smaller investors in the company are still not convinced with the viability of the deal and are delaying the process.”

The Three sided Ecommerce War is about to begun

Flipkart vs Amazon vs Alibaba (Paytm) is going to get into a war to hold supremacy than the other two. Eventually money shall not be a problem for all of the listed warriors and some greater and newer dynamics will be brought, to further disrupt the ecommerce in India. B2C in India shall only be witnessing surge with the onboarding of next 350 million consumers in India through Mobile Broadband penetration through the Jio drive to digitalise India. On the other hand the B2B segment still contains opportunities for these big giants to venture.



  1. Charanjeet They don't have another buyer what will they do

      Reply15 Jul, 2017 8:33 AM

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