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StayonSkill : Creating meaningful stays.

StayonSkill creating meaningful stays


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Why do we travel? Most of us attribute travelling as a part of our work Or to experience the comfort and luxury of staying in hotels, cruises or for that matter while flying! But travelling has another significant aspect which is much more than what the above materialistic luxury just don’t explain. Since ages travelling has been used as a tool of transformation. Travellers were considered to be seekers visiting places to understand the evolution of human life and mankind.

As an Entrepreneur if you start remembering one of your travels, which had significantly contributed to this transcended state of mind, you could realise the significance of travel in shaping your Entrepreneurial mindset. Hence it all the more important as Entrepreneurs to travel and keep looking for that small blink of change to occur within you, with each travel!

We are featuring one of the Startups which is trying to facilitate changes that you seek as human beings through travel. What is essential to know is, that your product has to be meaningful above all. The right way to do business is to substantially contribute to the positive changes at an individual level. The product should complete its cycle with an efficacy and thus ensuring that the community is engaged till the learning has successfully swept in the conscious mind of each user.

 What is Stayonskill?

 Stayonskill is a Startup that focuses on adding meaningful value to the host and the guest during their time of travel via sharing of skills. Stayonskill validates each profile and provides curated summary of each traveller and host that one can easily read. The hosts express the skills they wish to learn and the skilled traveller expresses the destination he wants to go to. StayOnskill makes the connection! As simple as that!

WIIFM from the product point of view?

When you start addressing the urge which seems to be creating a sound of confusion within the masses, eventually leads to a great product. While crafting the product you just don’t need a variety, but some current and historical data points and an attitude to turn inwards and seek questions as a part of the community. Some of the features which The Startup Mojo want to bring across to you to ensure that as an Entrepreneur you are able to clearly see the tangible aspects from the aforementioned line of thought.


Idea Validation: Why People would let their houses to be available to travellers whom they don’t know?

India has been the land of travellers and seekers all these centuries and we value guests like no other country does. What is crudely essential to know is why would people let their doors open for someone until they are also looking for an equal opportunity to transact through their stay.

StayonSkill Learn a skill.

StayonSkill Learn a skill.

Stayonskill facilitates this aspect by crafting a user journey that encapsulates the areas of skill sharing within the framework of time and planning. So for example if you are thinking to learn yoga this year you can get a yoga teacher stay at your home for 5 days, and Stayonskill will ensure you have couple of hours in the evening pre booked for the yoga classes at your home!


Need Gap Identification: People appreciate learning within their homes and would appreciate guests if they contributed equally to learn skill which they desire!

The overall idea is getting more close to your skill and initialise at the comfort of your home without paying and eventually leading to a memorable experience for the both viz Guest as well as the host. You may not learn to play a guitar in few days but you can surely initialise and set forth further planning to excel on that skill.

It is equally essential to know what the supply end (travellers) of this model is set to gain! The travellers will have a free stay, excellent hospitality and a process through which they are able to make meaningful travelling.

And finally, the Proof of Concept – Stay on Skill India Tour 2017

With all these data points, statistics still can’t travel to reality because it doesn’t account what’s beating in the people’s heart! So, it is essential and somewhat super-duper important to actually execute it in the real world to know what interest level (of the consumer) is your product at?

StayonSkill India Tour 2

StayonSkill India Tour 2

Stayonskill designed a Skill India Tour 2017 , where they invited some of the highly skilled people from around the world to apply to travel India. They have received applications from more than 300 skilled applicants so far. Some of the notable ones are:

  • A seasoned Silicon Valley investor with 23 years of experience.
  • A well-known professional Salsa and Tango dance teacher from Argentina.
  • A professional spanish theatre artist who has learnt Theatre and Singing at Madrid public drama School, RESAD, has done workshops with prominent classical pantomime Thomas Leabhart
  • A Music mixer who has worked on multiple television series, including Epic channel’s Devlok with Devdutt Pattanaik

These results reinstated the belief of the founders in the product!


Want to collaborate? Meet the Founders!

Rajshree Bothra (LinkedIn)  – Rajshree served as the General Manager, Marketing at Whirlpool India for 11 years, before switching over to Zivame, where she was Principal Growth. She has a deep passion for travelling and wants to inspire Indian mothers to travel the world.


Arjun Tuli (LinkedIn) – Arjun is serial entrepreneur. He started his first startup when in second year in college – it went on the become a part of Global Social Benefit Institute, Santa Clara University, California. His second startup was funded by Startup Chile. He’s a part of TiE Delhi, GSBI, Santa Clara University, Network Capital and the prestigious Morpheus gang.







  1. Sambhav Nice perspective of putting things...never thought travel that ways

      Reply05 Jun, 2017 10:22 AM

  2. Lotica Liked the way they have conceived the product great job!

      Reply05 Jun, 2017 10:41 AM

  3. Madhusudan Loved this line - With all these data points, statistics still can’t travel to reality because it doesn’t account what’s beating in the people’s heart!

      Reply05 Jun, 2017 10:49 AM

  4. Eshant Sahu How will this Startup make money?

      Reply05 Jun, 2017 2:07 PM

    • TheStartupMojo There can be multiple ways of generating revenue when you are dealing with skilled people. One such way is - Getting these skilled people to hold workshops in the places they are travelling to. This way, the revenue generated from the workshops will help them as well as Stay On Skill will generate money.

        Reply05 Jun, 2017 3:32 PM

  5. Sriram Nice

      Reply07 Jun, 2017 9:52 AM

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