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Real Time bot detection Tech Startup InfiSecure raised $600K

Real Time bot detection Tech Startup InfiSecure raised $600K


The Startup Mojo is a community which unveils the learning of the startup world to empower the budding entrepreneurs. We sincerely intend to build a network for entrepreneurs, thereby helping them to cross leverage their skills and resources to overcome their early challenges.

InfiSecure, a real-time bot detection and protection platform closed $600,000 seed funding from IDG Ventures and Axilor Ventures. InfiSecure blocks bad bot traffic at the same time ensuring that legitimate users are able to access the website seamlessly.  The Software works as a 24/7 SaaS solution which eliminates malicious, unwanted or suspicious behaviour in real-time.

The Startup was founded by Abhilash Pandey and Sandeep Singh in Mar 2016. As reported in YourStory Abhilash said “There cannot be a more relevant time for bot protection than now, when bots constitute more than half of the global internet traffic. With evolving technologies, bot frauds have reached new heights, negatively impacting every online business in more ways than ever before. With InfiSecure, we help businesses keep their website secured so that they can focus on their core business”

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