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Ola comes with a lighter app Ola instant to take another leap of product from Uber

Ola comes with a lighter app Ola instant to take another leap of product from Uber
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While Uber still looking to meet with the selection criteria of being an app catering to Indian consumers, Ola is slowly taking the product leap and to drive further stickiness among daily commuters. Ola has launched its instant app which now is much lighter than its previous versions.

A whole new level of Personalisation and Intuitiveness

The app as claimed will now record preferences in details of the consumer to ensure he is able to book a cab in simple two touches and is not at all going through previous selections in order to be commuted in his preferred and common routes.

For instance, if the commuter has been using Ola for his daily commute from location A to location B. He may not be shown the selections of the cab as well as the start & the destination and will directly be prompted to choose if he wants to repeat what he has already been doing.

More clarity to be perceived around fares and availability of the cabs

The new app claims to excel in one of the key unique feature as a taxi app, which is its ability to quickly show up the prices and the availability of the cabs around. Even in peak hours with availability of the cabs around it relays don’t show up in actuals and above that the pricing is shown at the screen where it’s no more a selection criterion.

Ola plans to bring in a more interactive and real time experience of the available cabs along with the pricing showing up right at the front, to ensure user’s ease to be able to decide upfront rather than returning from the tedious steps s/he had to undergo on the roads while booking a cab.

With the new app Ola shall be taking care of these UX issues to take a leap ahead from the product end. Ola has been quite consistent in trying ways it could move to a better product especially customised to Indian commuters and these changes that too on a lighter app version will ensure its reach and usability to surge big time.

A brief peek into some of the leading Global Taxi Apps


Taxi Startups Data Essentials Valuation
Uber Areas of Operation:  66 Countries and 500 + Cities | Funding Raised so Far : $ 16 Bn | Active Ridership : 40 Million Users | Daily Rides : 5 million | Milestone : 5 Billion rides – 20th May, 2017 $66 Bn
Lyft Areas of Operation:  US | Funding Raised so Far : $2 Bn | Active Ridership : 5 Million Users | Daily Rides : 0.2 Mn $5.5 Bn
Ola Areas of Operation:  India| Funding Raised so Far : $1.3 Bn | Active Ridership : 25 Million Users | Daily Rides : 0.75 $5 Bn
Grab Areas of Operation:  31 Cities in Southeast Asia| Funding Raised so Far : $1 Bn | Active Ridership : 11 Million Users | Daily Rides : 0.85 `
Didi Chuxing Areas of Operation:  China| Funding Raised so Far : $7.4 Bn | Active Ridership : 42 Million Users | Daily Rides : 7 Million $36 Bn
Uber operates in 22 Cities in India while Ola has presence in more than 102 Cities across India
Uber has also sold its China Operation to Didi Chuxing increasing Didi’s valuation to $36 Bn
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1 Comment

  1. Manish Nigam They are really taking Transport to a new paradigm....

      Reply10 Oct, 2017 12:43 PM

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