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Mother care brand mamaearth leads the way through innovation led growth!

Mamaearth lead the way through innovation led growth


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While the world is bringing in more creative ways to offer wellbeing, one of the most important aspect of attaining and experience well being, is consuming organic food. In today’s world, it seems to have been compromised due to the unavailability of authentic and credible organic food brand .  While it is important for adults to come out with the vicious cycle of modern age food system, it is all the more essential for new age mothers, who are balancing motherhood &  aspiring careers, to be introduced to it, early on!

The Organic evolution in India began in late 90s

With the huge marketing budgets and International reach of the International FMCG brands, a notion of belief pervaded in the Indian society that better health standards can be achieved by consuming the handful of International FMCG products. Children were even prescribed health drinks by experts to raise their heights while the mother were given chemical based formulae to deliver healthy babies.

What happened now? The answer is that the society has evolved and they know that Peaches from Amsterdam are no better than Guava from the nearest farm!  Research theories started sprawling against the irrational beliefs of people which were instituted by the existing FMCG behemoths. Food regulatory authorities and other Government entities came under the purview of RTI (Right to Information Act) and thus major findings of the sample testing and researches were made public. This was the time when the people were looking for some home-grown yet superbly authentic brand to feed them, which was natural!

The major change took place in the middle class that comprises of at least 25-30% of Indian population and use to consume the maximum FMCG products in India. They were more aware and knew that what they have been consuming was more of hyped and less of organic!

Mamaearth bridges the gap

There are certain recipes in Ayurveda which have been tried and tested for centuries & passed from one generation to the other. In the modern urban settings, without support systems, these recipes tend to get lost. Traditional Recipes wants to bring this cultural heritage to you in easy to consume formats. Such traditional recipes had been created through the vast and wide network of Ayurveda doctors and are extracted from the best herbs all over the world.  

Mamaearth is  Asia’s 1’st MadeSafe Certified baby and mother care brand, focusses on toxin free products to reduce parenting stress. The brand currently offers more than 20 different products for babies and moms which help solve various problems of young parents & has sold more than 50K units in a short span of 8 months with products like All Natural Mosquito repellent which are Ranked No.1 in sales across platforms.

It has recently launch products for lactation, stress relief and postpartum weight loss under Traditional Recipes for new moms. Under the “Traditional Recipes by Mamaearth’ label the company’s objective is to provide trusted natural remedies in easy to consume formats. It will continue to innovate and drive offline expansion across metros. All mamaearth products are available at Amazon, Flipkart, Firstcry, Nykaa, BabyChakra and across baby stores in Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore.

Traditional Recipe Range

Their product range includes  

1. Feel Better Tea : Its an amazing combination of herbs which help you manage issues related to your gut. It can be a great partner during pregnancy to relieve nausea and post pregnancy to improve digestion and immunity.

2. Mama’s Milk Tea : We have taken centuries of wisdom & packed it in a tea bag, this tea contains multiple natural galactagogues which help in milk production so that your baby gets enough milk.

3. Stress Relief Tea : Parental stress is a very important factor in child well being, happier parents raise healthier babies. This tea is the cup of calm you need to recharge your senses everyday.

4. Plant DHA : Omega compounds are absolute elixirs when it comes to growth and redevelopment, hence these are great for fetus development as well as recovery post pregnancy.

5. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar : Our Organic ACV is designed for moms who want to lose that baby weight. It contains extra mother content which helps in effective weight loss.

6. Passion for parents : Life post baby can be stressful for parents with so much to handle. This stress takes a toll on a couple’s sex life and hence overall wellness of relationship.

How big is the market

India is bestowed with great potential to produce nearly all the varieties of organic products due to its various agro climatic regions prevailing in the country. In several parts of the country, the inherited tradition of organic farming comes as an added advantage to the overall organic ecosystem. This holds promise for the organic producers to tap the market which is growing steadily in the domestic market.

According to the study, “ The organic food and beverages industry in India has grown at a CAGR of 30.7% over the period of FY’2009-FY’2014 and has potential to grow more than 25 per cent annually to touch $1.36 billion by 2020, provided there is more awareness about these products and the government incentivises region-specific organic farming to ensure consistent growth in future. “


More Wings to MamaEarth -Fireside leads the 1 M USD funding round for Mamaearth to fuel innovation led growth.

Fireside Ventures, the Lead Investor in Honasa Consumer Pvt Ltd ‘s  brand Mamaearth have lead the second round of funding in the company. Mamaearth has raised USD 1 Million to fund the brand’s innovation pipeline for entering into more categories with safer & healthier products for babies & mother starting with the launch of ‘Traditional Recipes’ by Mamaearth a range of wellness solutions for mothers including herb teas & supplements.

Kanwaljeet, Founder Fireside Ventures & Lead investor , confirming the news mentioned that The trend of toxin free proposition is around a decade old globally but already there are brands which are valued at more than billion dollars like The Honest Company, Seventh Generation recently acquired by Unilever for around 700 M USD also has a similar proposition. Mamaearth being founded by parents having the right category & business experience and guided by MadeSafe.Org makes it a clear differentiator and that has helped us support the brand from day 1.

Ghazal Alagh, Co-Founder & Chief Mama said that, ‘Our team is extremely excited to bring these inspiring organic, safe & healthy products both for moms and babies. We all have strong beliefs in our culture and such natural recipes which have been trusted for centuries. We strongly believe these will help solve many mama problems in a healthy & natural way. It’s important that during child care we give equal deserving care to the mother too and that is what mamaearth is all about. With this new infusion of funds there will be many more solutions that will follow.’

Varun Alagh, Chief Dad & Co-Founder Mamaearth is elated that fireside has confirmed this news and said that they have been a great partner since the very beginning and their support to help innovation in child & mother care space will take us to big league in the near future. The round isn’t done yet and we will have more partners by the time we close the round fully. We already have more than 20K happy mamaearth parents which we intend to make 200K by next year end.

MamaEarth’s Pedigree

The company has been founded by couple Varun and Ghazal Alagh. Ghazal has an eye for creativity, ear to listen and understand moms issues and a strong passion to make parenting stress free.

Varun & Ghazal with their child Mamaearth

Varun & Ghazal with their child Mamaearth

She has worked as Corporate Trainer in  NIIT, SQL, J2ME and Oracle and also accomplishes education from New York Academy of Arts in  Intensive Courses in Modern Art, Design and Applied Arts, while Varun comes with niche branding experience. He has worked with some of the leading brands such as Unilever, Smirnoff, Rexona &  with the world’s most iconic brand Coca Cola where he managed and launched Coca-Cola Zero .



  1. Ratnakar Only the prices seems to be the constraint, the product if not for the masses will not be able to bring in scale and may be steadily growing with single digit growth

      Reply22 Oct, 2017 1:18 PM

  2. Madhusudan To ride the organic wave just like Patanjali it has to be taken up as a revolution where people truly resonate and agree that consuming this shall bring in well being to a mothers life. As they are catering only to mothers it is all the more essential that they start working on creating awareness across platforms over electronic and digital media with fact findings, researches all at a measurable scale to witness the expected glory

      Reply23 Oct, 2017 1:13 PM

  3. Vivek Gandharv How come they will not be affected if Patanjali take a look on their product range...they have already launched shishu care

      Reply23 Oct, 2017 1:17 PM

  4. TheStartupMojo @Ratnakar Prices are subject to various aspects, organic market hasnt been exposed to mass scale production, once it is the prices will surely come down

      Reply27 Oct, 2017 5:37 AM

  5. TheStartupMojo @Madhusudan Thanks for sharing this insight

      Reply27 Oct, 2017 5:39 AM

  6. TheStartupMojo @VivekGandharv Patanjali is already into this segment however what we have to understand is, there is a concept and idea of specialisation which means that Patanjali may bring in the same line of products however they could not bring in the quaity and efficacy that a company just focussing on the product will be able to

      Reply27 Oct, 2017 5:42 AM

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