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Uber new attempt to look more Indian launches new TVC #iseapnigaadisamjho


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One of the hailing apps globally, viz Uber is trying to look more Indian and launched a TVC which initiates a strong brand connect for people of India. The TVC is a 40-second video with a montage of visuals of people taking an Uber cab. The TVC starts with a  grandmother reaching out to the cab driver followed by  a female employee who is asking the driver to wait as she returned after doing a late night shift.

The ad critically points out Indian sensitivities such as an Uber driver avoiding potholes because of the pregnant women as well as the driver turns off the music when an elderly passenger goes for a knap in the car. The ad deliberately ends with a dope of an experience as comfortable as one’s own car hence the tagline, “Isey Apni Hi Gaadi Samjho”.

Speaking on the development Sanjay Gupta, marketing head, Uber India said. “Now, we have realized the need to establish a narrative for the brand Uber. Also, many people have experienced Uber cab service once or twice and through this campaign we aim to increase the consumption by contextualizing usage for them.”

Uber has been into controversies starting from sexual harassment and eventually leading to the exodus of some of the senior officials including its CEO Travis Kalanick. The company has to merge some of its businesses in the past in order to cope with the leadership crisis it was into.

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