How to make an effective To Do List?

How to make an effective To Do List


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Do you miss on some important schedules which make you regret for a long time?  I am sure every one of us does it!  If you graph your number of weeks in your lives which are remaining, it will fit into an A4 size sheet. We don’t have much time and we have lot to do and achieve! So start preparing your to do list in accordance to your own goal.

Successful Industrialists, veterans and leaders use this creative way of dealing with their busy schedules. They keep themselves aligned to their list of priorities and these priorities merge with their goal. For an entrepreneur it’s all the more required to be aligned constantly with his goal. Every action has to cut down some distance against his race to lay the foundation of his first Startup. Majority of times we are lost with the noise and each time our efforts are not in sync with our goal, our success stands deferred. You may call it smartness or wisdom, but it’s logical to bring in activities like creating effective to do list, which defines your day!

How to decide the order of Priority in your To Do List

It’s an order of the important elements of your Startup that you prioritize basis your insights, skills and market fit analogy. This is subjected to change and generally it should be evaluated every 3 months or earlier basis the industry dynamics.
For Startups you would have to decide the priority basis these elements of execution.

  1. Product
  2. Content
  3. Marketing & User Experience
  4. Fund Raising

The concept of Urgent and Important

Urgency is what circumstances bring to you but importance is guided by the order of priority. Let’s understand the different combinations of this concept one by one. Tweet This

Case 1: Important & Urgent

Suppose your tech shop (outsourced agency) has faulted on one of the major areas of concern in the product and it’s going to negatively impact the user experience on your live site. The issue discussed here is in the 1st place in the Order of Priority and is urgent.

Case 2: Not so important but Urgent

Suppose one of the important incubator/seed investor is calling in for a nomination for an event to giveaway seed capital and you have been eyeing on this opportunity for a long time. It may not be too important as it falls in the number 4 in your list of priority however it is urgent so, it will appear in your list of action items for the day.

Case3: Important but not so urgent

You have found a very creative way to growth hack and it requires some list of prerequisites that you want to furnish. This activity is important but is not urgent and can be planned to appear in your daily to do list accordingly

Case 4 Not Important and not so urgent

You were supposed to attend a community meet to raise funds and have to prepare a list of questionnaire. You have time for this event and the topic is back off your hand with your experience in your field. In such case the activity could be given last preference in your action items list for the day.

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