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Foodtech fervour goes on! After 3 million orders Zomato launches paid service Zomato treats

Foodtech fervour goes on! After 3 million orders Zomato launches paid service Zomato treats


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 Since the inception foodtech has been always under scrutiny and constant observation. Various rumours and allegations surfaced leading to speculations around the sanctity of the industry practices. With all this in place, foodtech still continues to hone its customer acquisition and able to bring in customer’s in its plate.

Zomato has recently completed its historic milestone and reached 3 million monthly orders for the first time in the July, 2017. The company is looking forward to bring Zomato at par against the losses that it addressed in the last fiscal year 2016-17 which was a record decrease of 34%. To increase the profit income the company is looking to launch some subscription services that shall bring in revenues from a community of users looking for specialised services and offers. One such service called Zomato Treats which offers deserts to the users at the end of the their meal was launched and has claimed a start count of 21,500 subscribers. The services is available in India and UAE.

Commenting on the launch, Zomato co-founder Pankaj Chaddah said, “The great thing is, it is already driving repeat usage. In fact, we have already seen a 25% jump in order frequency for members subscribing to Zomato Treats and see this trend holding over time.”



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