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Flipkart plays Amazon again and gets into diversification, in talks with Swiggy, Urban Ladder and UrbanClap

Flipkart plays Amazon again and gets into diversification, in talks with Swiggy, Urban Ladder and UrbanClap


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One of the major areas of taking companies to next level is diversification of businesses, be it through innovating product line or for that matter investing into companies of various other segments, which are expected to grow into manifolds.

Flipkart with its cash reserve obtained in the recent round of funding through Softbank, is looking into all sorts of innovative ways to allocate the funds to let it grow to its maximum. On the same strategy the Ecommerce behemoth is in talks with online food delivery app Swiggy, hyperlocal services Startup UrbanClap, furniture retailer UrbanLadder as well as other progressing startups in Financial sector.

Recently as per the market speculations, Flipkart is looking to invest and take up 8-10% of market share of fashion bazaar to be able to widen the range of its apparels and also to tap the retail through its own apparel and fashion segment, which is otherwise only available online.

Amazon fosters Diversification as its key strategy

Amazon has been taking up diversification as one of its key strategy to be successful financially and be able to take a foothold even in odd circumstances, because of the inflow of funds from other sources. Right from discounting to bringing in reviews and consumer engagement, the company has always done what is right to the consumer. Even at times when other ecommerce players in India were limited to only The Discounting way of consumer acquisition, Amazon relied on its Consumer Delight Strategy to help people find variety and quality of service in whatever they buy.

This strategy seems to have worked for Amazon for a very long time and they have been successful in venturing into cloud solutions for enterprises (Amazon Web Services) which brings in the major portion of their revenues apart from ecommerce, for which they are known.



  1. Roopali Sampath Flipkart's way to deal things hasn’t changed, its just that they have got bitter and bigger

      Reply31 Oct, 2017 7:32 PM

  2. Roopali Sampath They should also stop thinking and start fixing up long pending product hickups too

      Reply31 Oct, 2017 7:33 PM

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