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Finally the hunt for Flipkart is over, gets $1.4 Billion from Microsoft, EBay and Tencent Holdings from China. Also buys eBay India!

Finally the hunt for Flipkart is over, gets $ 1 Billion from Microsoft, EBay and Tencent Holdings from China


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One of the leading ecommerce companies in India has been funded for $ 1.4 billion over some strategic funding from the leading Technology House Microsoft, Marketplace EBay and Mobile Payments and ISP giant Tencent from China. Flipkart has also bought eBay India as a part of the investment deal.

The company valuation was marked at $11.6 billion at the time of funding which was way lower against the valuation in 2015 as $15 Billion. The funding seems to be a quite Deep and Strategic tieup for future collaboration, as all the mentioned conglomerates are trying to get a platform for their Hardware and Services selling. Flipkart has a vast reach in India and with the existing distribution channel it is expected that the funding companies will seek inroads deeper into the Indian Market along with Flipkart.

The current Ecommerce segment is led by Amazon which is trying to superpower Flipkart since day one. Also it is alluded that Alibaba is going to onboard India through Paytm which shall even build up more strain in the prevailing competition thread. Currently the ecommerce market seems to be piling up and it is really difficult to say that how shall it look in the next two years however it is clear that with the clash of the Titans viz Amazon, Flipkart and Alibaba the users shall continue to get heavy discounts and superior customer service.


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