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Facebook is starting Startup hub to train and scale Indian Startups

Facebook is starting Startup hub to train and scale Indian Startups


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Social media behemoth Facebook has officially announced the launch of a new Startup hub to help entrepreneurs in starting up and scaling their businesses. In the initiative, the company is planning to establish digital training centres to help enhance digital literacy among job seekers.

As per the official statement, “Facebook is aiming to train over 500K Indians through these online hubs within the next three years.”  Speaking on the development, a spokesperson from Facebook said, “We worked with local organisations, including Digital Vidya, EDII (Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India), Dharma Life and Startup India, to develop the learning curriculum, which is available on mobile in English and Hindi. The curriculum includes skills for tech entrepreneurs, including how to protect ideas, how to hire, how to go about getting funding, what regulations and legal hurdles one needs to consider and how to build an online reputation.”

Elaborating further, Ritesh Mehta, Head of Economic Growth Initiatives, India and South Asia at Facebook said, “Digital skills unlock opportunities, empower people to dream big, build products, grow businesses and foster communities. We want more people to have the opportunity to hone their skills, build businesses or create something for their community because investing in people can lead to incredible things.

Almost 93% of small and medium businesses surveyed in India say that digital and social media skills are more important when making hiring decisions. Also, 89% of small and medium businesses surveyed in India report that having a lack of familiarity with digital tools available is a challenge.”



  1. Kirti Upadhyaya this is a usual exercise to keep a check on the pulse of Indian Digital Market and also understanding the facebook use (SMB segment) user jurney

      Reply28 Nov, 2017 5:35 AM

  2. Anisha Sharma More than anything else they are looking to build a strategy to bring in changes the way facebook could be utilised by these small SMB's which have mushroom growth due to internet penetration

      Reply28 Nov, 2017 5:37 AM

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