Don’t underestimate the Power of Thinking!

Dont underestimate the Power of Thinking.


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Our Life is the outcome of the kind of choices we make! These choices may experience as bitter, in the initial stages but would bring contentment and satisfaction in the longer run. To make choices correctly you have to Think!

Your brain is comprised of neurons and when you think deep and long, you are able to align them better and this process evolves you to a better thinker and thus a better Entrepreneur. The science is very simple, the more you think the better you be!

Successful professionals develop the habit of thinking for at least 30-50 minutes a day. You may wonder how they take out time to do this? The answer is they are aware of the “Power of Thinking”.  They know that if they have to make better choices they would have to think deep and wide and it has to be a habit and not a circumstance based activity. This habit can help you enact upon your learning that you have collated from different walks of life.  Let’s understand how can we develop and enhance the “Power of Thinking”.

1.Reading should be a daily affair. Tweet This

You must read for at least an hour a day. Try to subscribe to relevant blogs, portals and Think Tanks who are sound in their knowledge domain. Read them and think what relevance can you draw? Let you mind work on analysing and seeking inroads to the message that article or journal brings to you. Also read books and try to read relevant ones only. Books have the ability to change you! So be very careful in choosing the right ones for you.

2.Be specific when you Think.

We generalise too much and much of the times, we try to seek an overview of things to do intricate planning. Don’t Do it! Generalisation brings in Error Blindness. Try and think deep and more into knowing what’s behind everything and map it to your ability and experience to factor that out. If you do it you will always research to bring more relevance and belief in whatever you do and that’s critical for you as an Entrepreneur.

3.Consolidation of your Experiential  Learning.

You would have to bring in some repository of your own to keep consolidating your experiential learning and their takeaways , as ready reckon-er tool for all your professional and personal hickups! This repository shall be your reference handbook for all your life’s problem and shall help you in making right choices for you.

4.Discipline in practising Thinking.

Industry Leaders and Influencers such as Satya Nadella (Microsoft’s CEO) or successful entrepreneurs like Warren Buffet practise this daily! Practise needs discipline and only through continuous practise you would be able to gain the wisdom you are looking for.

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