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Byju’s plans to reach much wide and deep in International Market, buys Tutor Vista and Edurite from Pearson.

Byju’s plans to reach much wide and deep in International Market, buys Tutor Vista and Edurite from Pearson


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One of the India’s largest Education Technology (Learning) company Byju’s, that is reinventing how students learn education not as a part of rote learning but essentially through imagining. The company since its launch last year, has already seen phenomenal engagement, with over 3.5 million students on its platform.

Now with its huge and healthy investment cycle (World Bank, Sequoia and Chan Zuckerberg initiative funded) and magnanimous infrastructure, the company is trying to build a distribution channel to reach markets which are untapped with digital learning of its imagining kind. In accordance to its strategic vision of expanding in those markets, the company has acquired TutorVista and Edurite from Pearson.

What is Tutor Vista and Edurite

TutorVista is an online tutoring product catering to school and college students in the US but has millions of visitors every month on its website. It has about 70% of the visitors from the USA.. Edurite offers a wide range of progressively mapped  self -learning digital curriculum learning CDs with its content based on cognitive learning approach. TutorVista had acquired Edurite in 2007.

How will this help Byju’s to grow Internationally?

Byju’s is planning to intrude to the US. With millions of subscribers base and nearly 70% from the US, will help Byju’s to get a right consumer segment for its content consumption (school and college going students). Tutor Vista deals with the formal education while Edurite brings the colloquial online and digital learning. The company with this mix (formal as well as colloquial learning) shall complement the Byju’s idea of learning concepts through imagining and visualising over a digital platform.

Speaking over the progress Byju Raveendran, Founder & CEO, BYJU’S said, “This partnership will enhance our product offerings and give us access in some of the new markets when we launch our international products. We are excited to work with the talented and experienced team who will come on board as a part of this acquisition.”

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  1. Ata Tarannum its great to see some Indian entrepreneur bringing so much respect from across the globe good job byjus

      Reply04 Jul, 2017 7:02 PM

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