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Amazon launches Amazon Echo and Alexa in India to feature rich its product roadmap in India

Amazon launches Amazon Echo and Alexa in India to feature rich its product roadmap in India


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The battle of supremacy over services and feature will lead the way the going forward, for ecommerce behemoths in India. Amazon knows seller psychology well and seems to be not doing any error in executing this, as eventually when funds will dry up offering discounts, user will look upto services and features to make their buying decisions.

On the same line the company has launched its most awaited product– an Artificial Intelligence based smart, wireless speaker, Echo powered by Alexa through cloud computing. Amazon Echo will earlier be available on an invite only on the Amazon’s global website in three variants viz. Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot.

Amazon Echo is the personal assistant that interacts with your phone for day-to-day chores which will allow users to control everything through one device including electronic appliances and goods at home. Apart from this it can also help in booking a cab, obtain weather information, setting up alarms, play movies on Amazon Prime Video, shop from Amazon and much more.

The Three sided Ecommerce War is about to begun – Amazon vs Alibaba vs Flipkart

Flipkart vs Amazon vs Alibaba (Paytm) is going to get into a war to hold supremacy than the other two. Eventually money shall not be a problem for all of the listed warriors and some greater and newer dynamics will be brought, to further disrupt the ecommerce in India. B2C in India shall only be witnessing surge with the onboarding of next 350 million consumers in India through Mobile Broadband penetration through the Jio drive to digitalise India. On the other hand,  the B2B segment still contains opportunities for these big giants to venture.

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  1. Vikash Kotnala They are doing the best of what ecommerce can offer in long and sustainable buyer and seller relationship....What others may do may result in huge cash burn. The point is Amazon has both cash and feature roadmap + a huge other revenue pipelines from other product on their portfolio like AWS etc..Hence they are going to rule

      Reply06 Oct, 2017 3:23 PM

  2. Suresh Pattnaik @Vikash I agree

      Reply06 Oct, 2017 3:30 PM

  3. Garima Rajvanshi I dont agree...Ecommerce runs by the virtue of the technology and clubbed pricing in place. For instance if the majority of the varieties exists on one platform and the logistics is managed inhouse, it can seriously impact the business..on the other had Amazon is trying things which are not Indianised and only a segment of population (especially in the metro cities) would like to purchase....real India still works on discount and efficacy hence the moment they fail to deliver variety and efficacy over ecommerce they will be dead irrespective of whatever feature roadmap they have...

      Reply06 Oct, 2017 3:36 PM

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