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Alibaba to open data-centre in Mumbai, second step to build a strong foothold in India

Alibaba to open data-centre in Mumbai, second step to build a strong foothold in India
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One of the aspirants who also want to onboard the next 350 million new addition of the internet users in India has officially confirmed that it is soon going to establish two new data centres, one in Mumbai –  India and the second one in Jakarta – Indonesia.

Simon Hu, Senior Vice President of Alibaba Group said, “I believe Alibaba Cloud, as the only global cloud services provider originating from Asia, is uniquely positioned with cultural and contextual advantages to provide innovative data intelligence and computing capabilities to customers in this region. Establishing data centres in India and Indonesia will further strengthen our position in the region and across the globe.”

With the above mentioned move the company had partnered with Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) which is a subsidiary of Reliance Communications to form Alibaba Cloud Express Connect via GCX’s CLOUD X Fusion. Similarly with Tata Communications it is to form Alibaba Cloud Express Connect via Tata Communications’ IZOTM Private Connect service.

This is alluded to strengthen the IT Infrastructure in the Indian region to onboard some of the long pending services which Alibaba has been eyeing to launch since the merger of Flipkart eBay and the proposed merger with Snapdeal.



  1. Shivam We all know that's coming...They are creating a good IT infra base before minting money

      Reply13 Jun, 2017 5:38 PM

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