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Artificial Intelligence Startup Touchkin received $1.3 Mn funding from Kae Capital and Syndicates

Artificial Intelligence Startup Touchkin received $1.3 Mn funding from Kae Capital and Syndicates


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Predictive Machine Learning based Healthcare Startup Touchkin raises $1.3 million funding from Kae Capital and undisclosed angel investors. The company is raising the money to enhance and upgrade its one of the product feature which is an Artificial Intelligence based Chatbot Wysa.

Speaking on the development Commenting on the development, Vidushi Kamani, an investment professional at Kae Capital said, “Combining passive sensing technology with a personalised AI coach changes the economics of the behavioural health and wellness industry globally. With Wysa, providers can increase the number of people supported per coach by 10-100x, with increased engagement, better monitoring and improved self-management.”

Touchkin as a product- How is it helping people to fight diseases?

Touchkin is an AI based Healthcare product that senses the health of the person. It functions through a sensing technology facilitated through a mobile app. The app is programmed to show alerts if their activity patterns indicate something unusual. The technology provides solution ranging from identification of the unusual health disorders to connecting to obtaining the healthcare through hospitals.

The technology helps majorly in the areas of anxiety, depression, ADHD and OCD. It is also programmed to provide support in cases of smoking cessation, diabetes and disabilities.

What is Wysa?

Wysa which is one of the most important product feature of Touchkin. which is actually a virtual therapist which is facilitating emotional wellness through conversations. Wysa is combination of logics and coding which brings in programmed combination of prerecorded conversations working on the feeds the consumer offers.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Pooja Attrey They have large and wide scope. Their product could capture in everything right from the diagnostic services to suggesting the user to the nearby treatment to the hospital

      Reply04 Aug, 2017 10:45 AM

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