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After launching Indian Brand Billion, Flipkart to sell refurbished Smartphones from this Diwali.

After launching Indian Brand Billion, Flipkart to sell refurbished Smartphones from this Diwali


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Flipkart is now on the spree of expanding its offerings and is looking for ways to expand its reach more wide than deep, ever before. Post launching Indian Brand Billion, the company is launching to sell Smartphones with its Brand Name promise starting this Diwali.

As published in Inc42 and reported by one of the officials of Flipkart. “Even though Flipkart has of late tightened return norms on mobile phones and only allows replacement in case of a defect, it is already saddled with lot of return inventory. There are also handsets with minor problems which are replaced. The company plans to get them checked and certified to look and work like new and sell them as Flipkart-certified refurbished handsets. There will be limited warranty as well on such products. The refurbished market in India is mostly unorganised and Flipkart wants to build it.”

Why Flipkart is pivoting from its business model from Discounts to Consumer Features

Flipkart is now reacting to the market dynamics and has clearly understood the phenomenon of consumer behaviour that is driving the sales curve for ecommerce in India. The consumers are looking forward to have more of customer service, quality driven offerings and long-term relationships.

Amazon has understood this change much before Flipkart and thus had launched services from all rounds and corners. Also with Recommerce picking up pace Amazon has already tied up with leading manufacturers in place such as Lenovo, Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Motorola, and Apple. Some of the leading features recently launched by Amazon are.

Amazon Prime Day
Amazon Chime
Amazon features 26 Indian Startups
Amazon launched Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Now enters Delhi
Amazon Pay Balance in India
Amazon Launched Global Startup Program “Launchpad” in India


Companies Like Flipkart and Amazon which have enchashed the opportunity to serve the growing demand of Smartphones are now seeing the recommerce segment picking up with the success of companies like Overkart and GreenDust. With so many users and data bases of consumers looking to change or upgrade their phones, it makes all the more sense for Flipkart to launch Recommerce Offerings to consumers.



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