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5 Things to learn from the cricket marvel and leader M.S. Dhoni

5 Things to learn from the cricket marvel and leader M.S. Dhoni
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Leadership is a matter of gaining expertise but majority of people try to devour the opportunities just to learn skills, but while learning skills they forget to evolve! Great leaders are themselves the agent of change and embodiment of the Process of Positive Evolution within them. You have to evolve mentally, spiritually and emotionally to achieve and attract greater heights. What comes naturally and through the process of evolution shall stay much longer than any skill!

Former Indian Cricket Team Captain M.S. Dhoni is an institution. He has experienced all majority of challenges that generally is surfaced to the middle class Indian Society. His life is a critical case study which brings immense amount of learning for Entrepreneurs.

1.  Nobody is born with skills, they learn and master it through sheer perseverance. Tweet This

Dhoni was initially a football goalkeeper and was brought into the game of cricket because his school Cricket team lacked its wicket keeper. From early childhood to adolescence he had been playing several matches of all grades and levels (even several match tournament with tennis balls) to keep upskilling his techniques and skills in the games. He mastered the art of playing certain shots for Years, especially the Helicopter Shot.

2. Life is about your Choices and the Decisions that you take!

During the evolution of Dhoni into a successful cricketer, Dhoni took some harsh decisions and stood by it against all sorts of people, authorities and circumstance. For example while he was working as a Ticket Collector he wasn’t able to get fair opportunities to showcase his game. Eventually he quit the job and played cricket. This decision resulted to a a growth hockey curve for his professional career. Also at the time when the senior players in the team like Ganguly and Tendulkar were under performing he was the only one to vote against them. His action invoked new talents like Gambhir and Virat in Indian Cricket Team.

3. Your personal pitfalls should never influence your professional career

There were times when Dhoni had to take some tough decisions so that he is not at all occupied by thoughts of his personal lives during or before his game. He use to switch off his mobile phone throughout the day and for some events for the entire series to ensure that he is able to concentrate completely on the game. During the times of personal turbulence he championed the art of attaining a state of mind which is free from pain and agony. This proved wonders to his career!

4. Never let your emotions guide you! let it remain within You! Tweet This

Dhoni had some excruciatingly painful situations but he never let them rule! He had the habit of weeping away from people and public and stood by his stance of being mentally strong person who is guided by proficiency and not by emotions. This habit helped him a lot in grooming his leadership skills as he never get carried away by emotions either from within or from outside.

5. Never forget the people who have supported you in your tough times!

Dhoni always had his clan of friends. Some of his friends supported him throughout his time of struggle. At times when Dhoni had some unwarranted circumstances, his friends stood by him and by all means. Dhoni too reciprocated the feelings and continued to live the relationship as vibrant as it was before. This virtue of being what you are will always keep you grounded and shall keep glamour, glitz and arrogance much away from you.



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